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Exercises are essentials to an active life.

But when lifting weights, crunches, joggings, and other forms of exercise that can make you fit and healthy seem not your thing, may be its time for you to device another option that can yield the same results.

So how about grabbing a tennis ball and a racket, and have someone to play tennis with you? Doctors and scientists say that this sport is one of the healthiest activities in the world whether physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Playing tennis is like going to the gymnasium. Engaging in this sport will burn your calories, build and enhance your muscles, strengthen your bones, and develop your flexibility and body coordination.

But there’s more to tennis that’s why you may prefer it. Playing tennis isn’t all about body movements but using the mind, too. This is because when playing, your alertness and tactical thinking are also required as you dash and hit the ball towards your competitor.

And as you play with the person on the other side of the court, you do your emotional health a favour with all the fun, interaction, and communication you make that will then improve your sportsmanship as well as your work ethic. The best part is, there’s no age or gender or physical fitness requirement in tennis so anyone in your family groups of friends can use it as a form of exercise.

So on your visit to the Gold Coast, don’t miss playing tennis as your daily exercise by checking in to Isle of Palms Resort.

Our Elanora resort accommodation has two full sized tennis courts where you can play anytime of the day. All you have to do is bring your tennis materials or rent them from the reception and you can already sweat it all out while having fun with your buddies. And with one of our courts with flood lights, you can play even in the middle of the night.

What’s more, our Gold Coast accommodation is elegantly located in a peaceful and strategic place so you’re sure to get relaxed while being near some of the awesome places on the Coast such as Palm Beach, The Pines, and two shopping centres Robina and Pacific Fair.

Book your stay at Isle of Palms Resort at http://isleofpalms.etourism.net.au/.

2 Coolgardie Street, Elanora
Gold Coast 4221 Australia
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Enjoy our amazing features such as:

+ Quiet lakeside location just 5 minutes from Palm Beach and Currumbin Beach
+ Two swimming pools
+ Two heated spas
+Two full-size tennis courts
+ Undercover barbecue areas