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Full Facilities in our Gold Coast Accommodation

Posted in Accommodation at 29 January, 2015

We aim to make your holiday more fun, relaxing and enjoyable. That is why our Gold Coast Holiday Accommodation offers our guests complete facilities. We have 2 swimming pools in our resort for your enjoyment

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Penthouse View Into Lounge

Luxurious 4-bedroom penthouse at Isle of Palms

Posted in Accommodation at 23 December, 2014

Luxurious holidays are usually defined as staying at a private resort at a remote island or at a posh five-star hotel in a city with personal butler service and other personalised room services, exclusive use of spa, pool, and other lavish hotel facilitie

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Pool 3

Child-friendly holiday stay at Isle of Palms

Posted in Accommodation at 27 November, 2014

Kids would always choose the beach and huge parks for a holiday. This is why parents would make sure that they provide the best holiday adventure for their little ones and for the whole family to make their holiday experience pleasant and worry-free

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Isle of Palms Elanora Resort Accommodation

Nice and cosy waterfront townhouse at Isle of Palms

Posted in Accommodation at 22 October, 2014

The sunny and beautiful city of the Gold Coast in Queensland ranks as among the top favourite summer or beach destinations of many holidaymakers from all over the world for its truly breathtaking beaches, fantastic surf spots, and a wide array of other na

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Aerial 1

An exciting tour on the Gold Coast with the help of our tour desk team

Posted in Accommodation at 21 September, 2014

From the sunny golden beaches and fantastic surf spots to the magnificent verdant rainforests and amazing exotic wildlife, the Gold Coast has no shortage of attractions and adventures to make your holiday more meaningful and rewarding

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